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Delta Exchange

    B2B Enterprise CLOUD platform to securely MEASURE & SHOWCASE SOCIAL IMPACT & help SOCIAL and IMPACT ORGANIZATIONS become more EFFICIENT, ACCOUNTABLE to completely obliterate the TRUST DEFICIT of Funders and make organizations CREDIBLE to have continued ACCESS to FUNDING

Our Mission with the Delta Exchange Platform is to positively Impact 10 Million Lives in the next 3 years by providing businesses with the tools and channels to uplift people’s lives and increase productivity and growth at an individual level, family level, community level and regional level.

With Delta Exchange, we make life simple for both Social Organizations and Funding Organizations by saving on their time, efforts and costs and help their key resources keep their focus on the actual work on-ground that they excel in.

Delta Exchange is integrated with IRIS+ ( Impact Reporting & Investment Standards) which is the generally accepted system for measuring, managing, and optimizing impact adopted by Global Impact Investors Network (GIIN) mapped to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Delta uses an emerging technology stack to create Smart Contract based incentive that is independently verifiable and accessible. It combines Blockchain with iOT for transparency, traceability, efficiency and decentralized credibility check.

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What does Delta Do

Digital platform for impact measurement, management and investment


IoT Application for Impact Measurement and Monitoring

Modular App

Grant Management, Project Management and Fundraising modules

Data Analytics

Advance level data mining. analytical and visualization capability across public, private and program data

Impact Finance

Pay for outcome protocols embedded smart contracts for blended finance instruments


Authentication and impact lifecycle management


Smart contract-based incentives to ensure the impact is independently verified


User acquisition and community engagement modules to drive insights and influence


Data monetization to exponentially enhance impact for end beneficiary

How it Works

Delta Exchange is an ADAPTABLE PLATFORM that enables ecosystem players to MANAGE and MEASURE social impact investments

We drive efficiency & profits by keeping sustainability and impacting lives at the core

  • Standardize Processes
  • Facilitate Collaboration
  • Manage Beneficiaries
  • Community Mobilization
  • Improve Credibility Ratings
  • Accessibility to Partner Networks
  • Accessibility to Program Funding
  • Access Reliable Data
  • Standardized Analytics, Visualization & Reports
  • Optimized Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
  • Training & Mentoring Management
  • Referral & Recommendation Engine
  • Scheduling Auto Alerts
  • Facial Recognition & Authentication (Online & Offline mode)
  • Impact Assessment
  • Fund Utilization Metrics
  • Create Impact Bonds
  • Auditable Tracking of Programs
  • Tamper Proof Metrics using Blockchain
  • SDG Mapped Metrics
  • Smart Contracting
  • Automated Metrics/Goal Validation
  • Tech enabled (iOT) Verified Data
  • Project/Program mapping against Impact Metric’s & SDG’s
  • GDPR compliant data security protocols and procedures for data sharing
  • Simplified Data Acquisition
  • Multivariate data analysis and advanced visualization engine
  • Tracking & Tracing of Impact Journey in Real Time
  • Integrated with Public GEO Data Systems (GEO Tagged Data)
  • Enabling all possible methods of verification of impact measures with IOT
  • Smart contracts to automate payment flows
  • Project Governance
  • Independent Authentication & Authorised Access Only
  • Automated Project Goal Validations
  • Best Practice Sharing
  • Outcome Based Pay-outs

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